Armstrong Gold Maple


A slender Maple for smaller yards or tight spaces, or just a formal specimen columnar tree. Golden yellow-orange Fall display. A variety with red Fall color exists, but is seldom found. Ask about availability if this is

Autumn Briliance Serviceberry


An elegantly branched small tree with showers of white flowers in spring followed by edible berries that taste similar to blueberries! Glossy green leaves burst into an array of red-orange-yellow fall color. In the wild,

Columnar Oak


One of the most slender trees available for tight spaces, vertical accents for the corner of the house, or just to make a prominent statement central to the garden. Excellent for formal gardens or tree hedge rows. Cultiv

Frans Fontaine Hornbeam


Perhaps our most slender option.  Very formal accent for a stately appearance.

Tree Diameter





Japanese Tree Lilac


Upright, oval with Lilac white flowers and cinnamon colored bark. 

Tree Diameter




Japanese Tree Li...

Red Baron Crabapple


Super slender with an upright branching habit, spread will not exceed 10' wide. Perfect for screening in narrow yards or a striking focal point or accent for the corner of the home. Profuse deep pink flowers skew towards