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An elegantly branched small tree with showers of white flowers in spring followed by edible berries that taste similar to blueberries! Glossy green leaves burst into an array of red-orange-yellow fall color. In the wild, Serviceberry are Colorado natives found under forest canopies, usually around stream banks or lowland areas. They are therefore best in shady areas with plenty of water. Autumm Brilliance has an upright habit growing 20-30' tall and 10-15' wide. Stately as a single trunked tree, but perhaps best as a multiple trunked clump form tree. Consider uplighting for night time appeal. Rainbow Pillar is a more slender cultivar. Shadblow Serviceberry are shorter and bushier.

Tree Height Price
2" $1225
2.5" $1450
3" $1675
6' clump $1145
8' clump $1485
10' clump $1845
Price: $1,225.00