Amur Flame Maple


A compact maple growing 15-25' tall and wide. One of the brightest displays of Orange-red fall color! Very hardy and adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions. Can survive exposed sites and can be found at elevatio

Armstrong Gold Maple


A slender Maple for smaller yards or tight spaces, or just a formal specimen columnar tree. Golden yellow-orange Fall display. A variety with red Fall color exists, but is seldom found. Ask about availability if this is

Crimson Sunset Maple


Crimson Sunset Maple is a hybridization of 'Crimson King' Norway Maple and the Shantung Maple to give it a more compact growth habit and superior hardiness and luster. Only reaching a height about 1/2 of it's Maple cousi

Fall Fiesta Maple


Fast grower, tolerant of our harsh growing conditions, red-orange-yellow fall color.

Tree Diameter





Maple Autumn Blaze


One of our fastest growing and widely adaptable trees with explosive red-orange fall color.  This is a seedless variety! Many similar varieties of Maple are available, all with an impressive fall display.


RedPointe Maple


Dominant central leader gives the tree an upright pyramidal habit. More formal than most Maple with excellent branching structure. Excellent as a street tree or to line your driveway. Resists chlorosis and maintains a de