Planting Policies, Disclaimer, and Warranty

Happy Trees will call for a utility locate immediately upon your purchase confirmation as required by law. Technicians will be visiting your property within five business days of a locate request.  You must leave gates unlocked (if trees are to be planted in fenced areas) and provide access to the property. Pets must stay inside during this time.  Technicians do not call to schedule and they may not always knock.  Sorry for the inconvenience, again this is required by law.  This is to prevent damage to underground utility lines and is for the safety of our crews. By law, Happy Trees cannot dig within 18" of marked utilities.

Happy Trees is not responsible for damage to unmarked underground utility lines!

Happy Trees plants at the direction of the client. The land we believe we own is often under regulation by city ordinances, utility easements, or homeowner"s associations. Because Happy Trees works in every neighborhood in every jurisdiction, it is impossible for Happy Trees to know what rules and laws might apply. It is the homeowner"s responsibility to know what rules govern their property, and to apply for any permits or HOA approval that might be necessary. Contact your city or county planning or forestry department and your homeowners" association prior to planting. Happy Trees is not responsible for consequences of planting trees in violation of any government regulation, utility easement, or homeowners" association.

The route through the yard to your planting location must be free from obstacles, stairs, narrow gates, unreasonably steep slopes, rough or un-graded ground, retaining walls, or other hazards. We pride ourselves that we can plant your trees in any location, however crews are instructed that in no case shall they put themselves at risk of injury.  

We prefer a responsible party be home to accept delivery. Trees are not happy if moved once planted. If you are unsure of where to plant please take advantage of our on-site consulting service, or consult a professional landscape designer.

We love pets, but please clean up pet waste prior to delivery. For your pet"s safety its best if pets are kept inside or enclosed during delivery.  

Irrigation Repair: Happy Trees is NOT responsible for damage to unmarked underground irrigation lines or sprinkler heads. Happy Trees crews carry basic irrigation repair parts, and repair will be billed on a time and materials basis (typically not to exceed $100).  In the event parts need to be purchased for any reason, or if the repairs are to exceed $100, Happy Trees will provide a detailed estimate and work order to be signed and accepted by the owner.

Warranty: Happy Trees guarantees that trees are free of pests and diseases and are professionally and properly handled and planted. Happy Trees has no control over the care or watering of trees once planted. Therefore, our guarantee policy shares the risk of loss with the party responsible for care after planting. Trees that expire within one year of the planting date will be guaranteed two-thirds of the purchase price. This is a two-thirds credit toward the purchase of a replacement tree at current prices. No cash refunds. The guarantee is a one-time replacement only. Replacement trees are not guaranteed.

Happy Trees is not responsible for damage due to over or under watering, severe weather, lawnmowers or other equipment, vehicles, animals, vandalism, negligence, or other acts of God.