Small Evergreen Trees

The following general descriptions are meant to highlight the featured attributes and are by no means an exhaustive reference. Please call and we’ll help direct you to the perfect tree for your needs. Prices subject to change, confirmed before checkout.

These are smaller, slower growing evergreen trees. 15-25’ tall and 10-15’ wide.



Bosnian Pine


Similar in appearance to Austrian Pine, only more slender and compact. 20-30' tall and 10-15' wide at maturity, perfect for smaller properties or tighter spaces. Other cultivars available with even more compact profiles

Bristlecone Pine


Sometimes called ‘Foxtail’ Pine. Short needles on bottle brush branches offer a distinguished appearance.  Native stands in Colorado represent some of the oldest living trees on earth! Very low water needs once esta

Pinion Pine


A Colorado native suitable for tough, dry sites. The tree in the cover photo stands sentinel over the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Their native range extends into the deserts of Utah, so requires zero supplimental water