Arnold Sentinel Pine


Super slender, 3-4’ wide and 15-25’ tall. Deep green needles with a shaggy appearance. Excellent focal point or screening for tight spaces. Quantities may be limited, get 'em while they're hot!

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Columnar Norway Spruce


Perfectly semetrical and super slender, 3-4’ wide and 15-25’ tall. Deep green needles, very formal. Despite coming from Norway they don't favor our dry air and will need a protected location sheltered from winter winds.

Fastigiate Blue Spruce


Upright form of Colorado Blue Spruce with a 6’ spread.  Striking blue color.

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Upright Juniper

Upright Juniper are a collection of incredibly rugged and durable tall skinny evergreen shrubs or small trees perfectly suited for Colorado's harsh climate. Most varieties are hybridized versions of our native 'Rocky Mou