Why Happy Trees

There are plenty of places to shop for shrubs, flowers, and small container trees. For large trees, not so much. Most landscape companies aren"t interested in simply planting one or a few trees. Happy Trees exists to fill the gap to provide homeowners with access to large caliper balled-and-burlapped trees at exceptional prices!

There are still a couple of retail nurseries in the Boonies where you can go to find your trees, but why spend your weekend slopping through the mud when all the information you need is on Happy Tree"s website? Our experienced sales staff will help you select the perfect trees for your needs and we will personally pick your trees for you. We will send pictures of your selected trees for your approval and once we confirm your order we will schedule your planting and fulfill our services professionally as promised! Please read our disclaimer, policies, and warranty. We promise you will be a happy customer if you shop with us at Happy Trees!

If you are the type of customer who obsesses over every twig on every branch and needs to personally examine all of your options prior to purchase we are probably not a good fit for you. If you need a tree to serve a particular purpose (shade, flowers, screening, etc.) Happy Trees can show you your options and offer selections with a few clicks of a mouse.   

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Our website is designed so that you can find all the information you need and for you to complete your purchase on-line, but please call and our experienced sales staff will help you select the perfect tree for your needs.  

We love phone calls!

Happy Trees make Happy Customers!  Give us a call today!