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Only a tree nerd could tell you the difference between London Planetree and Sycamore. The two are almost identical and used interchangeably. They are incredibly fast growing with large leaves that resemble Maple. The most unique characteristic is the harlequin bark, which peels and exfoliates to reveal camouflage trunk and branches. Planetree are quite messy however, and should be used sparingly in residential landscapes. They drop cottony seed balls that clutter the ground and blow about the yard. They have shallow roots that disrupt the lawn, and are constantly dropping sticks and twigs like a Willow tree. Still, for large properties with prairie areas or expansive mulch beds, London Planetree offer a unique conversation piece and added diversity.
Tree Diameter Price
2" $1225
2.5" $1525
3" $1825
4" $2350
Price: $1,225.00