Shade Trees

The following general descriptions are meant to highlight the featured attributes and are by no means an exhaustive reference. Please call and we’ll help direct you to the perfect tree for your needs. Prices subject to change, confirmed before checkout.

These are fast growing and broad spreading to provide shade and explosive fall color!  40-60’ tall with a 30-50’ canopy.



Armstrong Gold Maple


A slender Maple for smaller yards or tight spaces, or just a formal specimen columnar tree. Golden yellow-orange Fall display. A variety with red Fall color exists, but is seldom found. Ask about availability if this is

Bur Oak


The rugged beauty of this majestic Oak matches its tough hardiness and adaptibility. The Bur Oak in the cover photo here lords over the campus at Regis University. Corky, ridged bark and coarse appearance gives the tree

English Oak


Massive broad-spreading Oak tree with deeply lobed leaves and a yellow fall color. Suitable for parks and large yards, this mighty Oak will provide deep shade with a regal appearance. May not produce acorns for many year

European Mountain Ash


The bi-pinnately compound leaves and open habit give the Mountain Ash a tropical feel like something you would find in Hawaii! Clusters of white flowers adorn the tree in spring, followed by brightly colored red or orang

Greenspire Linden


Somewhat formal upright pyramidal form. A stately street tree with few pests or diseases. Lime green flowers aren't particularly showy but are fragrant and give the tree a two-tone appearance. Many virtually indistinguis



The Hackberry is an underutilized tree that performs well and grows quickly under Colorado's harsh conditions. Native to the mid-west, the Hackberry can withstand our violent temperature swings and the heat stress of sum



Horsechestnut is the European cousin of our native Ohio Buckeye. It is indistinguishable except the flowers are deep pink to red rather than white. The palmate leaves and panicled flowers emote a tropical feel that would

Kentucky Coffeetree


Kentucky Coffeetree is a medium to large ornamental/ shade tree with delightful panicles of cream colored flowers in late Spring. It has a tropical looking structure and leaf but can have a coarse appearance in Winter, b

London Planetree


A regal shade tree resembling a Maple but with harlequin bark.

Tree Diameter





Maple Autumn Blaze


One of our fastest growing and widely adaptable trees with explosive red-orange fall color.  This is a seedless variety! Many similar varieties of Maple are available, all with an impressive fall display.


Northern Red Oak


Perhaps the most gracefully branched Oak with a refined appearance. Crimson-Red-Orange-Yellow fall color. Tire swing sold seperately! Oak produce acorns so perhaps best away from the patio. Many other Oak are appropriate

Ohio Buckeye


Ohio Buckeye are found in woodlands throughout the eastern and mid-western United States. The palmate leaves and white panicled flowers emote a tropical feel like something you would find in the jungles of Columbia rathe

RedPointe Maple


Dominant central leader gives the tree an upright pyramidal habit. More formal than most Maple with excellent branching structure. Excellent as a street tree or to line your driveway. Resists chlorosis and maintains a de

Shumard Oak


Another stately Oak proven suitable for Colorado's harsh climate. Fast growing and adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions, including drought tolerance. Rusty red to orange-yellow fall color. Acorns can be formid

Skyline Honeylocust


Tiny leaves allow sunlight to filter through, keeping the area bright while still providing cooling shade. Very fast growing and a relatively clean tree. All commercially available varieties are thornless and seedless, i



Sweetgum is a litte known and under-utilized shade tree native to the southern and eastern United States. Unusual star-shaped glossy green leaves set this tree apart. The leaves turn various shades of red-orange-yellow a

Tulip Tree


Tulip Trees are fast-growing upright-oval shade trees that have some of the most stunning flowers you may never see. I say that because the Tulip-shaped cups stand upright on the branches and are often hidden by the dens

Washington Hawthorn


Washington Hawthorn is the tallest of the Hawthorn family and is very erect in youth becoming more broad spreading with age. Among the toughest trees for our region, I cannot remember ever having to warranty a Hawthorn i

Western Catalpa


A massive tree with large tropical looking leaves. White flowers resemble tiny orchids with purple throats, delightful for table arrangements. Long bean pods can be a nuisance, but not necessarily a deal breaker.




Yellowwood are native to the eastern and mid-western United States, and the imagination of Dr. Seuss! It's pinnately compound leaves and drooping panicles of fragrant white flowers make it more at home in the Lorax than