Hawthorn Trees

The following general descriptions are meant to highlight the featured attributes and are by no means an exhaustive reference. Please call and we"ll help direct you to the perfect tree for your needs. Prices subject to change, confirmed before checkout.


Cockspur Hawthorn


The trunk and branches on this beauty become wonderfully gnarled and twisted at maturity with white flowers and bright red berries. Superior hardiness for exposed sites and higher elevations. This is a thornless variety!

Russian Hawthorn


Ruggedly handsome and tough as a Siberian lumberjack, Russian Hawthorn ranks among the hardiest trees appropriate for our region. In fact, in my career spanning over 25 years, I cannot recall ever having to warranty a Ha

Washington Hawthorn


Washington Hawthorn is the tallest of the Hawthorn family and is very erect in youth becoming more broad spreading with age. Among the toughest trees for our region, I cannot remember ever having to warranty a Hawthorn i