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Ohio Buckeye are found in woodlands throughout the eastern and mid-western United States. The palmate leaves and white panicled flowers emote a tropical feel like something you would find in the jungles of Columbia rather than the grasslands of Colorado. The flowers are show-stoppers, but they are followed by large nuts encapsulated in a spiny fleshy fruit, the Buckeye nuts. For this reason Buckeye should only be planted in open areas or garden spaces where the dropping fruit/ nuts won't be a nusiance. The nuts are toxic to humans and horses but somehow squirrles gobble them up. Closely related to Horsechestnut, which looks identical but has pink/ reddish flowers.
Tree Height Price
Ohio Buckeye 2" $1375
Ohio Buckeye 2.5" $1575
Ohio Buckeye 3" $2325
Price: $1,375.00