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The bi-pinnately compound leaves and open habit give the Mountain Ash a tropical feel like something you would find in Hawaii! Clusters of white flowers adorn the tree in spring, followed by brightly colored red or orange berries that decorate the tree throughout the summer into winter. They look like they would make an aweful mess, but they stick to the branches and feed wildlife throughout the winter. The berries are especially attractive against a snowy backdrop. Fast growing with many unique attributes make this one worth considering. 'Cardinal Royal' offers a straighter trunk and more even branching, and 'Oakleaf' has as you might have guessed, Oak-like leaves. This tree is not actually in the Ash family and is not affected by the Ash borer.
Tree Height Prices
European Mountain Ash 2" $1255
European Mountain Ash 2.5" $1525
Price: $1,255.00