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Washington Hawthorn is the tallest of the Hawthorn family and is very erect in youth becoming more broad spreading with age. Among the toughest trees for our region, I cannot remember ever having to warranty a Hawthorn in my 25+ year career. The profuse white flowers emerge after the leaves and appear a little later than most spring flowering trees. Flowers are followed by bright red or orange berries that persist into winter and feed the birds throughout the seasons. Washington Hawthorn are so named for the wicked thorns that armor the tree. This is a deal breaker for many homeowners but perhaps they shouldn't be. Birds love nesting among the branches I suspect because the thorns defend against cats and other predators. They keep deer away as well, so for rural exposed locations this may be your best choice! Fall color is an explosion of red-orange-yellow-burgundy. Available as a traditional single-trunked tree but perhaps better in the clump form. Never mind the thorns and plant yourself a Hawthorn tree!

Tree Height Price
Washington Hawthorn 2" $1225
Washington Hawthorn 2.5" $1525
Washington Hawthorn 3" $1895
Washington Hawthorn Clump 6' $1145
Washington Hawthorn Clump 8' $1395
Washington Hawthorn Clump 10' $1755
Price: $1,225.00