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The Hackberry is an underutilized tree that performs well and grows quickly under Colorado's harsh conditions. Native to the mid-west, the Hackberry can withstand our violent temperature swings and the heat stress of summer. An excellent replacement for Elm or Ash. Deep green leaves turn yellow in the fall. The small berries persist on the tree and will attract birds and squirrles that feed on them through the harsh winter months. The grey bark becomes deeply furrowed with age, providing year-round interest. Good for urban landscapes as well as exposed sites on the prairie.

Tree Height Price
Hackberry Celtis 2" $1145
Hackberry Celtis 2.5" $1425
Hackberry Celtis 3" $1775
Hackberry Celtis 3.5" $1985
Hackberry Celtis 4" $2295
Price: $1,145.00