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Horsechestnut is the European cousin of our native Ohio Buckeye. It is indistinguishable except the flowers are deep pink to red rather than white. The palmate leaves and panicled flowers emote a tropical feel that would be more at home in the jungles of Panama rather than the grasslands of Colorado. The flowers will stop traffic, but are followed by a large nut encapsulated in a spiny, fleshy fruit, the Horsechestnut. For this reason, Horsechestnut should be planted in open prairie or garden spaces where the dropping fruit/ nuts won't be a nuissance. Contrary to the name, the nuts are toxic to horses and humans, but somehow squirrles gobble them up. If you can tolerate the falling nuts, you could have a truely unique and delightful tree in your landscape!

Tree Height Price
Horsechestnut 2" $1345
Horsechestnut 2.5" $1665
Horsechestnut 3" $1675
Price: $1,345.00