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Happy Trees named one of the 'Best Tree Nurseries in Denver' by!

By Chris Leinster - August 13, 2022 started out as a simple blog and has evolved into a company with a single mission: to help readers learn how to build their optimal outdoor space. As part of their mission, they research the best tree nurseries based on client reviews, available services, and professionalism. thoughtfully reviewed and analyzed our business and we are indeed honored to have been included in their Best of Denver list!

Truth is, there are very few retail garden centers in the greater Denver Metro area that still offer tree planting services. The land has simply become more valuable than the businesses. Paulino's, Silver Sage, and Arapahoe Acres have shuttered their doors. Today's nursery, Arbor Valley, James Nursery, and Harmony Gardens no longer offer planting services for the retail public. It is precisely because of this seismic shift in the green industry that Happy Trees was born.

In the olden days, if you needed a tree you would load up the family in the ole' station wagon and saunter on down to the local garden center. You'd wait a while to get the attention of a salesman, then spent the next hour or two slogging around in the mud, staring at trees you knew nothing about, and making a decision with very limited knowledge. Happy Trees takes advantage of today's evolving technology to help homeowners select trees without ever leaving their living rooms.

Happy Trees is not a physical nursery, but rather a service that provides professional tree delivery and planting. Descriptions and copious pictures are found on our online virtual nursery. No other company publishes prices online or makes tree shopping as simple as buying a handbag on Amazon. Happy Trees is the first company to use the power of today's technology to streamline the tree buying process. Happy Trees is the easiest way for homeowners in the greater Denver area to buy trees online and to have large trees professionally delivered and planted, usually within one week!

Happy Trees specializes in larger trees that in most cases require a crew to transport and install. If you're willing to wait for shade, offers mail order trees and shrubs in smaller containers delivered to your door for you to plant. also maintains an extensive blog and offers all types of landscape design and gardening advice. Spend some time on to get inspired, then call Happy Trees for your next big tree planting project!