Ornamental Flowering Trees

The following general descriptions are meant to highlight the featured attributes and are by no means an exhaustive reference. Please call and we"ll help direct you to the perfect tree for your needs. Prices subject to change, confirmed before checkout.

These are smaller trees notable for a burst of spring flowers! 15-25" tall and wide. Available as traditional single trunked trees or multi-stem specimen trees.


Amur Flame Maple


A compact maple growing 15-25' tall and wide. One of the brightest displays of Orange-red fall color! Very hardy and adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions. Can survive exposed sites and can be found at elevatio

Autumn Briliance Serviceberry


An elegantly branched small tree with showers of white flowers in spring followed by edible berries that taste similar to blueberries! Glossy green leaves burst into an array of red-orange-yellow fall color. In the wild,

Brandywine Crabapple


The undisputed grand champion of flowering Crabapple trees! Massive double pink flowers are often compared to rose bush blossoms, which makes sense since crabapples are in the rose family of plants. Warning- traffic will

Coralburst Crabapple


A truely petit crabapple with a compact globular head. Bright red buds open up to pale pink double flowers. Makes a delightful accent or formal specimen. Great in large planters or as a garden centerpiece. Quite unique a

European Mountain Ash


The bi-pinnately compound leaves and open habit give the Mountain Ash a tropical feel like something you would find in Hawaii! Clusters of white flowers adorn the tree in spring, followed by brightly colored red or orang



Horsechestnut is the European cousin of our native Ohio Buckeye. It is indistinguishable except the flowers are deep pink to red rather than white. The palmate leaves and panicled flowers emote a tropical feel that would

Indian Magic Crabapple


Indian Magic is a typical Crabapple with a rounded crown and an abundance of pink flowers in early spring. Very hardy and disease resistant. The apples are tiny and shrivel up on the branches like raisins to feed the bir

Japanese Pagoda Tree


Bring the Orient to your yard with the elegantly branched "Scholar Tree" revered by Buddhist monks. Fast growing with a broad, rounded crown. Creamy white flowers in hanging clusters shower the tree in mid-summer for a p

Kentucky Coffeetree


Kentucky Coffeetree is a medium to large ornamental/ shade tree with delightful panicles of cream colored flowers in late Spring. It has a tropical looking structure and leaf but can have a coarse appearance in Winter, b

Ohio Buckeye


Ohio Buckeye are found in woodlands throughout the eastern and mid-western United States. The palmate leaves and white panicled flowers emote a tropical feel like something you would find in the jungles of Columbia rathe

Prairiefire Crabapple


Reddish-purple leaves follow an explosion of fuchsia flowers. Tiny apples shrivel up like raisins and persist on the tree. Tough and disease resistant.

Tree Diameter


Radient Crabapple


Radient Crabapple erupts with a spectacular display of deep red flowers each spring. Perfectly symetrical with a rounded appearance, this is the Crabapple tree you remember from your Grandmother's yard. Beware the apples

Red Baron Crabapple


Super slender with an upright branching habit, spread will not exceed 10' wide. Perfect for screening in narrow yards or a striking focal point or accent for the corner of the home. Profuse deep pink flowers skew towards

Royal Raindrops Crabapple


A newer introduction with an upright habit making it ideal for smaller yards or near patios. An explosion of striking fuchsia colored flowers covers the tree in early spring. Deeply lobed burgundy colored leaves more res

Russian Hawthorn


Ruggedly handsome and tough as a Siberian lumberjack, Russian Hawthorn ranks among the hardiest trees appropriate for our region. In fact, in my career spanning over 25 years, I cannot recall ever having to warranty a Ha

Spring Snow Crabapple


A truely fruitless variety with profuse white flowers and yellow fall color. When the petals drop you will think is snowed, hence the name! Perfectly rounded and very clean! Super hardy and adaptable for a wide variety o

Tulip Tree


Tulip Trees are fast-growing upright-oval shade trees that have some of the most stunning flowers you may never see. I say that because the Tulip-shaped cups stand upright on the branches and are often hidden by the dens



Yellowwood are native to the eastern and mid-western United States, and the imagination of Dr. Seuss! It's pinnately compound leaves and drooping panicles of fragrant white flowers make it more at home in the Lorax than