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What can you do about the Corona Virus?

Planting Trees can help stop the spread of the deadly COVID-19!

By Chris Leinster - March 17, 2020

There is no reason to read this blog. I’m only writing this for the benefit of the Google web crawlers who continuously search my site for new and relevant content, and COVID-19 seems to be the buzzword that will get Happy Trees to the top of the search engine results. I don’t mean to make light of a potentially serious situation, but perhaps I can bring a little levity to a panic-stricken situation.

Planting trees can actually help prevent the spread of the dreaded Corona Virus. I base this on absolutely nothing. I’m not a doctor, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night. Trees serve as windbreaks that knock down dust that can harbor the virus. Trees purify the air and pump out oxygen. Pure oxygen kills the Corona virus, and again, I base this on absolutely nothing.

Forget hording toilet paper, trees like Maple and Catalpa have large leaves that could serve the purpose in a pinch. Happy Trees also plants large caliper fruit trees like Apple, Pear, and Peach that can feed your family in perpetuity until reason returns and civilization is restored.

As the stock market crashes and our health care system collapses, you may need to fortify your home against hording marauders. Washington Hawthorn have wicked thorns that when planted as a hedge-row can defend your realm as sure as razor wire. Pine and Spruce trees can screen your domicile so your neighbors can’t see you stockpiling the last few remaining cases of hand sanitizer.

Truth be told a global pandemic isn’t without it’s upside. Traffic congestion is greatly reduced and oil has tanked to around $28 a barrel. This means lower fuel costs and reduced labor expense as crews aren’t stuck sitting on I-25. Happy Trees is operating business as usual so if you’re self-quarantining why not get some trees planted while you’re working from home!

I should mention that Happy Trees is taking extra precautions to keep our workers and clients safe during this time of crisis. While the disease doesn’t seem to be particularly lethal, it is spreading like wildfire so we are of course taking the threat seriously. We are sanitizing vehicles and wiping down tools. Workers are required to wear gloves and we are vigilantly watching for signs of illness. We are following the recommendations from the CDC and local health authorities, and all factors indicate that our operations are low risk for spreading the infection.

If you’re stuck home watching the kids while school is out, why not take some time to browse the Happy Trees website to consider your next tree to renovate your landscape. Whether you need something for shade, screening, or just something flowering to beautify your property, Happy Trees has exactly what you need. You can shop from home so you won’t risk exposure at the nursery, and our crews will deliver and plant your trees professionally as promised. If you feel helpless and have the urge to do something, plant a tree! You’ll feel better I guarantee it.