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Upright Juniper are a collection of incredibly rugged and durable tall skinny evergreen shrubs or small trees perfectly suited for Colorado's harsh climate. Most varieties are hybridized versions of our native 'Rocky Mountain' Juniper. Many striking examples of Rocky Mountain Juniper can be found clinging to the sandstone cliffs at Red Rocks, and more titans can be found throughout the deserts around Moab. Rocky Mountain is the largest offering in the Juniper family growing upwards of 20' with a 10-15' spread, and would accurately be described as having a coarse appearance. Most other varieties have been selectively propagated for a more refined appearance and a columnar habit, typically 3-6' wide and about 15' tall. 'Spearmint' and 'Spartan' have a lush green color while 'Moonglow' and 'Wichita Blue' display a striking blue needle. 'Grey Gleam' sports silvery grey foliage. These are not your Grandmother's prickly scratchy Juniper bushes. New varieties have a feathery lacy texture. We would sell more if we labled them Cedar or Cypress which are closely related. Perfect for a stately accent for a formal garden, foundation planting at the corner of the home, or to form a hedgerow or privacy screen to block unsightly views. Also available in topiary forms such as spiral and pom-pom or poodle if that's your thing. Please call for pricing and availability.