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Spring Watering

March 21, 2018

Happy spring!  As the weather warms up and your plants begin to wake up from their winter slumber, be aware that roots begin to develop long before you see any leaves emerge or flowers pop open.  The roots need moisture in order to begin pushing through the soil and transporting nutrients to the developing buds.  We generally don’t turn on our irrigation systems until late April or May, and spring snows may not adequately provide moisture deep into the root zone.  Its important to drag the hoses out and water your plants if natural precipitation is deficient.

If we’ve experienced rain or snow, or if the ground is still frozen or snow covered you don’t need to do anything just yet.  Just please keep an eye on the ground moisture and water on a warm day as needed.  A good soaking once a week should be ample until you get your irrigation system fired up.  If you have a recently planted tree from Happy Trees, your water gauge can show you if moisture is available in the root zone.  Otherwise you might dig a little in the vegetable garden or other inconspicuous place to see if there’s moisture in the soil or not.  With Colorado’s intense sunshine and Chinook winds it doesn’t take long for the ground to dry out completely.

One last tip…temperatures are still dropping below freezing on some nights so disconnect your hose from the tap to prevent freeze damage.  Drain your hoses so they don’t freeze as well.  Spring watering can help your plants and trees get off to a healthy start, so be aware of your plant’s needs and water as necessary.